October 17th 2019              By Cheruiyot Korir

The Government Spokesman Colonel Rtd. Cyrus Oguna has underscored the need for youth in the creative industry to utilize their innovative talent to produce infotainment content to counter radicalization activities in the country.

Col. Rdt Oguna said creative film content that demonstrate courage and bravery in resisting radicalism and violence extremism produced by the youth is very important in stopping the activities of those who attempt to recruit the youth for radicalization.

Speaking at the Kenya National theater today during the Lenga Ugaidi na Talanta award, Col. Rtd Oguna said the production of scripts with characters that demonstrate strong community bonds, national unity, solidarity, and resilience in the face of attempted attacks is a very important strategy to counter radicalization, terrorism, and violent extremism in the country.

The official said, portrayal of the youths with strong characters in film that represent forces that fight and defeat radicalization and violent extremism is an asset because the youths are bound to be receptive to information generated and conveyed by their peers.

He explained that the youths are more likely to identify with their peers as role models because of their strong influence of language and culture.

Mr Oguna said that the government has faith and trust in young people to transform the country into an admirable society by tapping into the potent energy and creativity of youth to provide necessary solutions to issues in the society.

He said, the government was committed to providing security and a peaceful environment in the country to allow for development that will confer social and economic benefits to citizens.

He emphasized on efforts by the government to integrate young people into national development through implementation of various intervention programs that prepare young people for leadership through empowerment training.

The government spokesman cited the Studio Mashinani program as one of the projects aimed at facilitating and giving young people with creative talent the opportunity to record and distribute free of charge their creative songs, plays, poetry films among others to generate employment and advance their careers.

He said, five audiovisual recording studios under the Studio Mashinani program have been set up across the country to facilitate the youth record the creatives. He encouraged the youths to take advantage of the opportunity and utilize the facilities to develop content on areas of their interest.

He added that, the Government has also developed a policy that compel local radio and Television stations to dedicate 40 percent of their content to local production. He advised young people to take advantage of the policy to generate quality content that can be aired in our media houses.