Ajira Digital is a government initiative aimed at promoting online jobs for young people in Kenya. By end of 2016, 87% of Kenya’s population had access to the internet, mostly through mobile phone. 7 million broadband subscribers and all counties connected to theNational Fiber Optic Infrastructure (NOFBI). Against this backdrop, , the government, through the Ajira Digital Programme provides tools, training, and mentorship for young people to take up online jobs.

Some Ajira Hackathon winners trained by the government have conceived creative ideas of promoting online jobs such as making use of the increasing adoption of mobile technology in Kenya to provide an Android application to make searching for a job online convenient, cheaper, easier and faster by providing jobs that are available in real-time on this platform. In this case, the Android application would provide smart-phones users similar services that a USSD application would offer.

Another solution presented is that of connecting millions job seekers who cannotaccess thousands of blue-collar jobs to online services. Applying for an online job entails lengthy processes that may not be convenient for a user, thus creating the need for an effective mobile app with minimal procedures by selling a mobile application embracing simplicity, functionality and creativity that targets the unemployed, Freelancing Online Writers and Software developers as demonstrated by anotherhackathon team trained by the government.

The internet offers unlimited opportunities for those who would like to do jobs online and the government is encouraging more Kenyans to take up online jobs that will give them some income and reduce the current unemployment levels in the country.