The government has asked parents and guardians to encourage and support their children who have an interest and talent in creative and performing art.


Information Secretary Judy Munyinyi said the government was committed to harnessing the rich diversity of interest and talent among the youth as an important resource for the socio-cultural and economic development of the country.

Speaking at the Madrasatul Falah in Kibera during the 10th Annual Haiba Foundation Education Awards ceremony, Ms Munyinyi said the government was committed to developing strategies to promote the diverse talents to enable youth earn income and generate employment.

The Information Secretary said the government has set up five recording studios across the country under the Studio Mashinani project to provide mentorship, tools and equipment for the recording and production of creative talent among the youth.

She said the program will be expanded across the country to enable youth gifted in music, poetry, comedy among other talents are assisted to exploit their abilities. She said their productions will be marketed through the Y255 Channel.

Information, Communication Director, John Sergon said, as land holdings get scarce, the only inheritance that parents could bestow their children is knowledge.

Mr. Sergon said the government was rolling out Digital Literacy Program and the Community Innovation Hubs to ensure all the youth across the country get exposed to equal global opportunities through the provision of ICT skills and easy access to the information superhighway.

By Cheruiyot Korir April 24, 2016