There is need to breakdown data meant for public consumption into simple information to be shared for decision making by consumers.

The Telkom Kenya Chief Technology and Information Officer, John Barorot said despite the availability of data by government, research institutions and other enterprises, it was challenging for the public to sift through and understand complex data without being broken down and generated as comprehensive information that can be used by citizens to innovate and create solutions.

Barorot who spoke in a panel session during the 8th Annual “Connected Kenya Summit” held at a Kwale hotel today, said in the modern digital age, provision of information to citizens was critical to enable them make informed decisions and choices that benefit them.

The official lauded the Huduma Center concept that provide government services through on-line platforms. He however, observed that the government should move a step further and ride on the mobile telephony to reach the over 30 million mobile subscribers in Kenya directly through their handsets.

Participants at the Summit argued that there was need to protect the Huduma Center Concept by making it the country’s Copy right. It was observed that many countries were visiting Kenya to benchmark on the concept and that it could easily be commercialized by exporting the ideas to other global partners.

By Cheruiyot Korir April 10th 2017