November 11th 2019

By Cheruiyot Korir

The Media Council of Kenya should work with the media owners and journalists to highlight business opportunities and a friendly environment in the country to attract investors, Cabinet Secretary for ICT Mr Joe Mucheru has said.

Mr Mucheru said, although, the government recognizes that media exists to promote public interest, he observed that, it is important for the media to build relationships that promote trust and confidence to attract investments.

The Cabinet Secretary who spoke at a Nairobi hotel today when he inaugurated the Media council of Kenya Board decried negativities stories filed by the media that he noted, destroy businesses and scare away investors exposing the country to slow economic performance and unemployment.
Mr Mucheru said, it is important for the media to give information that create confidence and trust among visitors, tourists and investors. He explained that investors need to feel secure because they have an interest in operating in a safe and predictable economic environment.

The Cabinet Secretary observed that the media is an integral part of development. He added that the government is committed to media freedom that will facilitate access to information by the public. However, CS urged the media to evaluate the consequences of the information the release to the public.
He said the MCK should find ways to stabilize media following the shrinking revenue because of the growth of the social media that has affected their revenue stream.

The Cabinet Secretary asked MCK to train media on patriotism to ensue journalists engage in act that promote the good of the country.

During the meeting, it was observed that there was need to strengthen curriculum in media training institutions to ensure students are trained on media law and ethics to promote quality journalism.