June 21st, 2019

By Marcy Majuek/ Cheruiyot Korir

Cabinet Secretary for ICT Mr Joe Mucheru has said that Konza Technopolis is now ripe for companies and individuals to put their investment.

Mr Mucheru said that the government has invested Ksh 100 million to develop basic infrastructure and welcomed companies and individuals to invest in the digital City. He said that the Government has already approved over seventeen (17) investors to establish different technology driven businesses and investments at Konza Technopolis.

Speaking today at a breakfast meeting between the officials of the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KOTDA) and members of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) investors at a Nairobi hotel, Mr Mucheru said, some of the companies approved to set up in Konza will provide a hospital services, research and investment facilities, housing, schools, and recreational facilities.

The Cabinet Secretary said, Konza has established the Konza Innovation Ecosystem Initiative (KIEI), a program that brings together the Academia, Industry, Government, and Civil society. He said, the program would drive the knowledge economy and the innovation pillar of Konza Technopolis.

The Cabinet Secretary added that, Konza has also signed up strategic investors from the public sector such as; the Ministry of Education for the development of a Science Technology Park (STP), the National Construction Authority (NCA) for the construction of NCA offices and a training facility and the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KeTRACO) for construction of Substation.

The Cabinet Secretary called for enhanced collaborative engagements between the government and private sector, to nurture and engrain local talents noting that Kenya is recognized globally as a tech-savvy country and is hailed for developing some of the most innovative and progressive digital solutions to everyday situations.

He said an estimate of over Kshs.600 billion investment will be made by the private sector and the government in Phase 1 of the Konza Technopolis with the government contributing approximately 10% for the development of core infrastructure to facilitate investments.

In the Affordable Housing, Mr Mucheru said, 26 acres of land have been allocate in Konza for various housing projects, to cater for the high-end market and those at the bottom of the pyramid populations 108 acres have been allocated for industrialization, light manufacturing and agro-processing. “This sector will be supported by the vibrant ICT infrastructure and leverage on the Konza’s innovation ecosystem,” said Mr Mucheru.