The  Department of Information has launched a Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) to upscale implementation of the Kenya News Agency (KNA) priority programmes in 100 days.

The Department under the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology (MoICT) kick started the program on November 21, 2016 and runs up to February 28 this year.

The RRI major deliverables are an enhanced KNA Portal, research and content development Unit for the News Agency. The initiative will witness the rebranding of the Agency its contents and a re-engineered news development and marketing of the product to the public sector clients to support their communication needs.

The Initiative has the following as its main objectives; Build a strong public sector clientele and support for Kenya News Agency content; Receive news order and deliver quality KNA content through the KNA portal.; Build KNA into an institution with world class systems and processes for content development, dissemination and marketing.
Key responsibilities for the programme includes: RRI Sponsor, Cabinet Secretary; Mr. Joe  Mucheru, RRI Strategic Leader, PS Broadcasting and Telecommunications, Mr. Sammy Itemere and RRI Results Leader, Ms Esther  Wanjau, the Deputy Director of Information.

Key among the milestones of the initiative include the selection of content areas for the RRI, development of templates and processes for content development and training of all actors in content development system.
Others include the training of news editors in content quality assurance processes and the development of a content marketing plan and system.

The highlight of the 100 day initiative will be the official launch of the KNA portal and content development system by the PS Mr. Sammy Itemere, scheduled for February 28 this year.

By  John  Mwaura, February 2, 2017