The government has called on the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) to expand its media course programs through on-line, distant learning and mounting of short programs to accommodate the huge demand by the growing media industry.

The Principal Secretary for Broadcasting and Telecommunications Mr. Sammy Itemere said although KIMC was constraint by limited resources such as personnel and physical facilities, the institute could tap into opportunities such as the on-line and distant learning and entering into partnerships with institutions of similar interests to increase access to quality media training.

MrItemere said there is a huge demand for specialized courses that take a few weeks or months which the institution couldconduct.” I urge you to expand your training programs to cover those areas as, including engaging with the counties with a view of setting up satellite campuses outside Nairobi” said MrItemere

For KIMC to remain the regional leader in media training, MrItemere observed, the Institute should integrate appropriate ICT training in their programs in order to produce graduates with skills that match the requirements demanded by the fast evolving media market.

He said although the government was committed to supporting the KIMC, the institution should implement their Strategic Plan that will put in place mechanisms for self-sustainability in the long run.

He explained that the government has enhanced prospects of employment through policy interventions such as the Ajira Digital Program that seeks to enable youth access online work. He urged the graduands to register with the program to start earning their livelihood.

He said the introduction of rules on minimum local content that radio and television stations must include in programming is also an opportunity for graduates to set up their enterprises to develop and produce content.
The KIMC Director Hiram Mucheke said the Institute will roll out a degree of Communication in Kiswahili program to bridge the huge gap of Kiswahili content in the print and electronic media.

By Cheruiyot Korir November 30, 2016