June 12, 2019

By Milka Ndoncho

The Cabinet Secretary for Information Communication and Technology Mr. Joe Mucheru, has said that the government will protect businesses and innovations by young people to enable them benefit from their work.

Mr. Mucheru said the government would support the innovations by funding the developments and facilitating in commercialization.

The Cabinet Secretary, who made the remarks at the University of Nairobi today when he presided over the Nairobi Innovation Week, said that the Ministry of ICT has established the white box where innovators can deposit their innovation. He said if it is establishes that the innovative ideas were viable and could be adopted by government to facilitate deliverable of services, the government will protect and fund the innovation.

The Cabinet Secretary said that, a recent report by Oxford shows, Kenya is the leading country in Africa embracing Artificial Intelligence. He added that, a community that refers itself as Inter-nations have identified Kenya as the best destination in Africa because it is the most digitalized country in the continent.

The Cabinet Secretary said by digitization through the Huduma namba, the government will improve service delivery to the citizens. Mr. Mucheru urged the media to help in creating visibility of innovations in the country and educating the youth on available opportunities.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education, Professor George Magoha called upon Universities to concentrate on research and innovations to facilitate the achievement of the Big 4 Agenda.

The Nairobi Innovation Week is an annual event organized by the University of Nairobi in collaboration with stakeholders to exhibit innovations. This year’s NIW attracted 88 innovators. The exhibitions are staged in 40 different areas in Nairobi County