January 28, 2019 by Cheruiyot Korir

Information Communication and Telecommunications (ICT) Cabinet Secretary (CS) Joe Mucheru has called on the media to exercise responsible journalism and avoid causing unnecessary fear among Kenyans.

Mucheru said it is important for the media in the country to be responsible journalism in their reportage in cases of insecurities faced by the public.

The CS singled out the recent Latema road incident saying that it some media houses had blown the situation out of proportion creating the impression that the City of Nairobi was on fire.

“Live reporting sometimes becomes a problem because everyone else gets attracted to the place and it becomes a security challenge” said Mr. Mucheru. In many western countries, the Cabinet Secretary added, the media do not expose the readers and viewers to distressful and offensive images because they are bound by ethical value.

Speaking on Monday January 28, 2019 while addressing a selection panel for the new Media Council of Kenya (MCK) chairperson, Mucheru said that the Media council need to monitor and act on media violations to ensure the country does not suffer travel advisories because of perceived insecurities occasioned by adverse publicity.

“The media council is very important for the country since this where the training and monitoring of the media takes place. As a country if we are going to develop, media is at the heart of it. Without a free and open media we are not going to get anywhere so as government we fully support media and access to information as enshrined in the constitution,” said the CS.

“There are always challenges that come between the media and other arms of the government for instance, recently, the Chief Justice (CJ) David Maraga was having a problem with the bloggers and media, so he has joined most of us as you heard from the president,” he said.
Mucheru added that, there needs to have a place where people get the training and all the support they need to know how to support sensitive events as well as a place to channel their complaints.

A 13 member selection panel, drawn from various organization, as per the Media Council of Kenya Act and an eight member secretariat from the ministry of ICT will shortlist suitable candidates for the available position from the names of those who applied. The CS will appoint a Chairperson from the list of names that will be forwarded to him.