Directorate of Government Advertising Agency (GAA)


The Government Advertising Agency is a directorate under the State Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunication of the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Digital Economy. It was formed in July 2015 to authorize Public Sector Advertising and to implement sectorial standards, procedures, guidelines and managing consolidated Government Advertising funds vide Treasury Circular No. 09/2015.


The GAA undertakes the following functions:

  1. Authorization of Advertising in Ministries, State Corporations, and Universities and SAGAs under the National Government;
  2. Formulation, development, implementation and review of Government Advertising policies, News Editing and Graphic Design policies, standards, procedures and guidelines;
  3. Management of consolidated government advertising funds; compilation of quarterly advertising plans from Ministries, State Corporations, Universities and SAGAs under the National Government;
  4. Preparation of advertising plans and budgets for Ministries, State Corporations, Universities and SAGAs under the National Government;
  5. Publication of MyGov weekly newspaper and other publications for MDAs and Commissions; publication of MyGov weekly online edition;
  6. Information gathering and packaging for publication in MyGov newspaper;
  7. Coordination of production of special reports on government projects and programmes for publication in MyGov newspaper.
  8. Consolidate Public Sector Advertising (PSA)
  9. GAA undertakes print advertising for public sector players, and approves electronic advertising, which MDAs are allowed to undertake on their own upon approval. This is done in accordance with the GAA contract framework under Public Procurement Regulations.
  10. Co-ordinate and manage Public Sector advertising contracts and tendering.
  11. Articulate and propagate Government development agenda, policies, initiatives and achievements, publish government tender and employment opportunities through MyGov publication.
  12. Approves all Public Sector Advertising and ensure the implementation of PSA standards and procedures.
  13. Ensure compliance with all applicable advertising legislation, policies, and standards.
  14. Approve GOK institutional annual advertising plans, develop a comprehensive GAP and provide guidelines for GoK advertising proposals.
  15. Analyze PSA data, prepare reports and disseminate findings to the public.