April 20th 2018                        By Cheruiyot Korir

The Government encourages centralisation of data centers and co-hosting of data to free capital and operational expenditure for innovation and investments, Principal Secretary for ICT Jerome Ochieng has said.

Mr Ochieng said, centralisation of data centers facilitates optimisation of shared services and minimise mushrooming of non-compliant centers.

Speaking at the East Africa Data Center where he officially opened the third phased of improved capacity at the center, Mr Ochieng said, the government will continue to hold consultations with various stakeholders to develop workable policy and legal frameworks that catalyze ICT innovations and respond to demands of the society.

He said the Data Protection Bill is currently undergoing a stakeholder review while the Computer and Cybercrime Bill 2016 is before Parliament for review.

The Principal Secretary said, the frameworks would accord citizens their constitutional right to access to information and give them a voice in national debates.

He urged the private sector to invest in ICT in Kenya observing that through the President’s Big 4 Agenda, the Government has laid down vibrant infrastructural networks to support ICT investments. He added that the government has also provided attractive incentives to support establishment and growth of start-ups.

The Principal Secretary called on data hosting companies to put in place security measures to protect data and privacy of clients.