July 30th 2018                         by Cheruiyot Korir

The government has expressed concern over the improper use of words and terminologies by media houses that condemn and humiliate individuals without authenticating the position of their statements.

Principal Secretary for Broadcasting and Telecommunication, Mrs Fatuma Hirsi said it was regrettable that some media houses use some words and phrases in their reporting that misrepresent the truth and threaten the careers of professionals and cause pain to individuals and families.

Speaking at Telposta Towers when she met Board Members of the Media Council of Kenya and the members of the Media Complaints Commission, Mrs Hirsi reiterated that journalists should use factual words that do not cause pain to the public and victimise their subjects.

The Principal Secretary noted that although there was media freedom in the country, it was important for the media to exercise responsibility in their reporting and be truthful to promote public confidence.

Media Council Chief Executive Officer Mr David Omwoyo said the Council was facing serious challenges discharging its mandate due to understaffing.

Mr Omwoyo said that currently, there are 56 TV stations and 176 radio stations across the country making it difficult to closely monitor because of few staff.

He lamented over increase of defamation cases facing the media and called on media owners to train their reporters to minimise such legal conflicts.

Mr Omwoyo further expressed concern over 24 different laws that regulate the media industry in the country and called for the harmonization of the laws to streamline the industry