May 30st 2018                        By Cheruiyot Korir

Cabinet Secretary for ICT Joe Mucheru has said the government has focused on four key areas in the Computer misuse and Cyber Act 2018 in a bid to ensure successful implementation.

Mr Mucheru said the government is seeking support from development partners to create awareness among citizens about the Act, training investigators on collection of evidence, train the prosecutors on what constitutes cybercrime  and create awareness among judicial officers on the Act.

Speaking at his Telposta Towers Office today, when he hosted the British High Commission to Kenya Nic Hailey, Mr Mucheru said, following the signing of the Act, the country witness drastic decline in cybercrime.

The Cabinet Secretary said,there is need to protect security of data and people privacy threaten by cyber criminals. He said the fate and success of the Act will depend on how the courts will  administer the legislation to fight cybercrime.

The British High Commissioner to Kenya Mr Nic Hailey said, the UK has funding and expertise available for war against cybercrime in the Common Wealth Countries and that his country was ready to assist the country towards the cause.

Mr Hailey praised Kenya as a country with the best environment in the world for digital investment noting that some British companies such as PVC were relocation its office from South Africa to Kenya because of its progressive ICT laws and good infrastructure.

Mr Hailey said there were private sector players in the UK ready to work with local private sector to promote cyber security in the sector to attract trade and business. He said he would seek the support of UK firms to help Kenya in dealing with cyber security issues.

Mr Mucheru noted that government is connecting all hospitals and schools in the country to broadband in efforts to promote improved health services and educational standards in the country.

Mr Mucheru said connecting health facilities to broadband would enable health care providers in distant locations to share information on clinical diagnostic and treatment of diseases. Mr Mucheru pointed out that instantaneous sharing of information digitally would cut travel time and allow faster delivery of medical services.

He said capturing of students data is meant to ensure planning in the education sector to ensure available resources were utilised prudently.