Members of the Media Complains Commission weretoday October 31, 2016 sworn in at the high court.

Receiving some members of the Commission inhis office after the swearing in ceremony, the Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Mr. Joe Mucheru said the operationalization of the Commission is an important milestone in the country because it will provide a platform to resolve disputes and complains between the media, the public and the government.

The Commission comprising seven membersto be chaired by MwangiKariukiis mandated to adjudicate disputes between government and the media houses and between the public and the media and intra media issues on ethical violations

The commission will also ensure adherence to high quality standards of journalist provided for in the code of conduct for practicing journalists in the country

Additionally, the commission will ensure impartiality, speedy and cost effective settlement of complains against journalists and media enterprises.

In the Media Council Act 2013, the Commission, is given powers to receive, investigate and resolve complaints against journalists and media companies

The first task of the Commission on resuming office will be to elect the vice chair taking into account the gender equity.

By CheruiyotKorir, October 31, 2016