About Broadcasting and Telecommunication

Functions of the State Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunication

  • Telecommunication policy
  • Broadcasting policy
  • Language policy management
  • Public Communication
  • Government Advertising Agency
  • Coordination of National Government Advertising services
  • Postal and courier services
  • Government Telecommunication services


  • Communications Authority of Kenya (Kenya Information and Communications Act, No.of 1998).
  • Universal Service Fund Advisory Council (Kenya Information and Communications (Amendment) Act 2013)
  • Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (Kenya Broadcasting Act, Cap. 221)
  • The Postal Corporation of Kenya (Postal Corporation Act, Cap.221)
  • Media Council of Kenya (Media Council, No. 46 of 2013)
  • Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC)(State Corporations Act, Cap. 446)
  • Kenya News Agency
  • Government Advertising Agency
  • Kenya Year Book Editorial (Kenya Year Book Order of 2007)