26TH AUGUST, 2019                        

BY, Marcy Majuek

The Konza Techno City has attracted over 40 companies that have applied to establish and make investments in technological ventures.

The Cabinet Secretary for ICT Mr. Joe Mucheru said,  the great attraction of Konza techno City to good investors partners, will help in laying a strong foundation for a smart City.

Speaking at a Nairobi hotel during the launch a final report on the pre-feasibility study for establishment of Digital Media City (DMC), Mr. Mucheru said the establishment of the media City is key because the facility will protect and preserve the country’s history and culture through audio visual recordings.

The Media city to be located in Konza Technopolis is part of the government initiative promote the creative and cultural economy as part of economic drivers for the nation, said Mr. Mucheru.

Mr. Mucheru said that the once Konza Technopolis takes off, the City will contribute significantly to the general economy by creating jobs for the youth and generating wealth for the nation.

The report on Konza Digital Media City shows that project is economically viable with a significant socio-economic impact whose benefits will trickle down to the local communities.

The Cabinet Secretary said that, the project is expected to generate new business linkages especially for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), local investors, knowledge networks that will support start-ups and innovations.

He added that, the DMC is envisioned to be a hub of creativity and innovation will be supported by government, industry and academia.

Mr. Mucheru explained that the proposed Konza DMC seeks to provide an ecosystem that promotes training, research and innovation in the digital media and entertainment industries in Kenya and the African region.

“There is need to provide infrastructure to exploit the potentials in Kenya for digital media, including animations and gaming for the global markets. Kenya is endowed with media professionals with unmatched skills and creative acumen for the DMC,” he said.

Mr. Mucheru noted that the Ministry of ICT together with the Ministry of Education is implementing the establishment of Kenya Advance Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) project funded through Korea Economic Development Cooperation Fund (ECDF) program.

Korean Ambassador to Kenya Mr. Choi Yeong Han said Konza Techno City is a symbolic cornerstone between Kenya and Korea and expressed his country’s commitment to partnering with Kenya to develop the Konza Techo city, the continent’s first planned techno city.